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Meet Fortuna Hjørring


Fortuna Hjørring is honored to have appeared 13 times in the history of the UEFA Women's Champions League tournament.

In the 2002/2003 edition - 35 clubs battled it out seeing Fortuna Hjørring play the final against Umeå and finishing up with a UEFA Women's Champions League Silver Medal. 


Fortuna Hjørring play their home games at the Nord Energi Arena, Femhøje 5, 9800 Hjørring (Femhøje), Denmark. Get a map here

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Fortuna Hjørring - The team!

Name Birthdate Country Position
1. Freja Thisgaard 24-07-02 Denmark Goalkeeper
2. Brenna Ochoa 06-09-98 USA Midfield
4. Victoria Bruce 31-05-94 USA Defender
5. Emily Garnier 21-03-96 USA Defender
6. Signe Timmermann Clausen 20-11-03 Denmark Midfield
7. Indiah-Paige Riley 20-12-01  New Zealand Forward
8. Signe Carstens 07-03-02 Denmark Midfield
9. Sofie Lundgaard Pedersen  29-05-02  Denmark Midfield
10. Emma Snerle 23-03-01  Denmark Midfield
11. Asii Kleist Berthelsen 26-01-04  Denmark Forward
12. Lise Dissing  10-12-01 Denmark Forward
13. Olivia Møller Holdt  07-06-01  Denmark Forward
14. Rebekka Celine Frost Frederiksen 24-05-02 Denmark Midfield
15. Sara Thrige Andersen  15-05-96 Denmark  Defender
17. Sandra Bjørn Jacobsen  19-05-00  Denmark Goalkeeper
18. Laura Frank 03-08-93 Denmark Defender 
22. Mathilde Bundgaard Carstens 07-03-02  Denmark Midfield 
23. Emilie Billing  26-08-02  Denmark  Defender 
24. Lærke Hammer  18-01-03  Denmark Defender 
25. Marie Burdal Gade  16-11-04 Denmark Goalkeeper
26. Frida Vang Sørensen  09-10-01  Denmark  Midfield 
27. Line Geltzer Johansen  26-07-89  Denmark Goalkeeper 
28. Maria Møller Thomsen  24-10-98  Denmark  Defender 
44. Brianne Folds 25-01-98 USA Midfield 
Coach: Elena Sadiku      
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